Thursday, 13 June 2013

Top Five Pixar Films - No.5: Toy Story 3 (2010)

**Includes Spoilers**

Toy Story 3 is (obviously) the third film in the Toy Story saga.
In this one Andy is getting ready to go off to university and at the beginning of the film is packing his room away. As per usual there is an accident that sparks the toys' feature-length adventure. Andy puts his toys in a bin bag with the intention of storing them in the attic. There is a misunderstanding when Andy's mum puts the bag out on the footpath as rubbish! The poor toys assume that Andy no longer wants them and they decide to go to Sunnyside Daycare Centre to make some new children happy. But Sunnyside turns out not to be the paradise they dreamed of.

Toy Story 3 is a brilliant film, but possibly only just made my Top Five, because of its release date. It was released in the summer of 2010, the summer before I went to university. Emotionally, Toy Story 3 hit me hard. Andy was saying goodbye to his childhood things and childhood itself. I totally related and I know many of my other friends going to university did too!

The toys go through A LOT in the film, right from simple arguments to a near-death experience! I'd say, not surprisingly, the near-death experience is the emotional peak of the film. The characters are as endearing as ever and still have their brilliant variety of personalities. One of my favourite new characters in this one has to be Ken, he's so naive and stereo-typically vain, but along with that he ultimately has good intentions and just wants everyone to live in harmony.

At the end of the film Andy chooses to give Woody and the other toys to a sweet little girl called Bonnie, who we learn to love throughout the film. When I saw this in the cinema there was a very small percentage of dry eyes at this point. I have to admit I did tear up a little. The film ended on a good vibe though- an end of an era turning into a new beginning. 

The one thing that I hate about this film is that Bo Peep is never involved. At the beginning in Andy's room the toys discuss how little of them are still left and there is a passing comment that Bo has gone too. But where to!? The whole way through the film I was telling myself that Bo would be at Bonnie's house and that she and Woody would be emotionally reunited at the end, but no such luck. I was devastated. A Toy Story 4 is being planned though and I have everything crossed that she'll somehow make it back to Woody and they'll be together once more! 

Picture For Thought

My number 4 film on the list features this absolute legend of a fashion designer.

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