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Top Five Pixar Films - No.4: The Incredibles (2004)

**Includes spoilers**

The Incredibles is about a family of undercover superheroes. Bob Parr (formerly Mr. Incredible) and his wife Helen (formerly Elastagirl) have been forced, along with all other superheroes, to give up their superhero duties and take on ordinary names and lives within the community. The couple now have three children with super powers of their own: Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. The film focuses on Bob's struggle to give up his superhero life. He takes on a job for a private company testing the strength and intelligence of a new robot; he loves the job as it gives him a chance to use his super strength once again. However, it turns out that the man behind the company is a new evil villain named Syndrome, once an obsessed fan of Mr. Incredible's. When the truth comes out the whole family ends up getting involved in the situation. The kids learn more about the superpowers they were previously ordered to suppress and the family learn to work together.

I always enjoy this film way more than I think I'm going to whenever I watch it. The mix of ordinary family life with the fact that they are also superheroes is perfect. As always with Pixar films each of the characters has their own believable personality for the audience to become invested in. Even Helen and Bob's old friend and fashion designer Edna Mode is absolutely hilarious. Voiced by director Brad Bird, Edna is one of the best Pixar characters and yet isn't really vital to the main plot. Even though the main characters are fighting robots and super-villians they are still totally relatable. One of the scenes that always sticks out in my mind is in the climax of the film when the rest of the family have freed Bob and, suited and booted in their superhero outfits, end up driving a motor-home through the city to the robot's location. Not yet worried about the robot awaiting them, Bob and Helen end up having a full-blown argument about which turn-off they need to take. My family and I crack up at that part EVERY time, because it's exactly like us when we drive somewhere! The Incredibles may be a group of superheroes, but at the same time they are still a normal family.

Throughout the film it is thought that baby Jack-Jack does not have any superpowers, but at the end of the film he shows his true colours... ALL of them. He has an array of crazy powers which help to save him from Syndrome's last attempt to destroy the family. I really want to know what's next for the family, especially in terms of Jack-Jack's development with his powers. Of all the Pixar films I'd say this is the one that most obviously lends itself to a sequel, but nothing has happened... yet.
The Incredibles 2, please, John Lasseter? 

Picture For Thought

Number 3 on my list features this cutie, and it might not be a feature-length film.

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